Voices of the Silenced

Experts, evidences and ideology: a documentary

Voices of the Silenced
experts, evidences and ideology

Remembering the contribution of ancient Jewish values to Western civilization, Voices of the Silenced highlights the goals of sexual politics and the silencing of views opposing the return to the pansexual cultures of the pre-Christian Graeco-Roman world. It listens to the voices of 34 individuals, extraordinary in their ordinariness, including witnesses to the experience of leaving homosexual practices and feelings. It explores how sciences become the servants of ideology using examples from history, mental health policy and archaeology.

Will the church recognise the dangers of capitulation to state control of sexual values and a return to the ancient cultures that its Jewish roots taught it to reject?

Filmed in 7 countries and in more than 50 locations, the documentary interviews 15 individuals who are emerging out of homosexual lifestyles and a further 18 commentators on the subject, including those who explode the myth of neutral secularism and expose its dangers for society broadly and for Christians specifically.

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Something momentous is underway in Western civilisation. In the space of a few decades, sexual politics has become the dominant driving force re-shaping our social relationships, reinventing our understanding of ‘equality’ and toppling cherished beliefs that brought Europe and America into the modern era. Judeo-Christian values and the sexual ethic they gave to the world have been displaced by a new orthodoxy informing our schools, our courtrooms and even our churches. This new and influential secularism, claiming to be neutral and non-religious, is establishing itself at an unprecedented pace, in the heartlands of power, led by a ruling elite with an agenda determined to end Judeo-Christian influences.

So what is it that has changed?

Voices of the Silenced reminds us that the Christian Gospel, whether or not equated to personal faith, has influenced western civilisation so profoundly that even the secularists today build on its legacy and, without self-examination, fail to acknowledge the pivotal and enduring influence of Christian teaching.

If we forget the foundations of our Judeo-Christian culture, new totalitarianisms will replace them.


Our journey will remind us of some of the key memories in both ancient and modern history to help us discern the destructive drivers of sexual politics that underscore both homosexual and Islamic radicalism.

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In Italy, we will reflect on the first four Christian centuries up to Constantine the Great. In Poland we’ll celebrate the achievements of human rights organisations, still enshrining Gospel values such as kindness, tolerance, fairness, and freedoms of conscience, speech and expression. In America we’ll meet those working to challenge gender mainstreaming in society and the professional mental health field. In Germany, Hungary, Norway, the United Kingdom and Ireland and we will visit communities committed to supporting those who are leaving homosexual practices. In the Netherlands we will learn from some ministering in the red-light district of Amsterdam and revisit the home of Corrie ten Boom, who worked for reconciliation and learned to love and forgive the oppressor.

And through all of this, Voices of the Silenced shows how the modern sexual revolution and the ideologies it promotes today, have lain dormant for just as long as the influence of the Gospel predominated. They re-assert themselves in direct proportion to the decline of that Gospel.

We shall show that the pansexual humanist agenda to which modern Western society aspires takes us back to pre-Roman times. This old agenda with minimalist rules now once again permits us to indulge almost any sexual desire irrespective of gender. Such sexual anarchy has always been challenged over the centuries in those places where Judeo-Christian values have taken root.

Which world do you belong to?


Anecdotal evidence may not be the stuff of public policy-making, but it has certainly been influential in raising the profile of the LGBTI agenda across the world. There’s another voice, however, perhaps hesitant, less well promoted, often marginalised and ignored, and sometimes hated. This group of individuals from countries across Western World, often in their home language share their stories in Voices of the Silenced with the truths that are important to their happiness and well-being. They share them not to offer a new dogma, but because they have found pathways that have been difficult to discover, and perhaps even hidden from them. They deserve to be celebrated and encouraged in their willingness to stand up for their own truths. Those who cannot show their faces remind us that speaking out comes with a price in our modern societies.

Listen to their stories, and recognise their faithfulness to ancient truths entrusted to the Church

Allia Netherlands Allia
Ansel Netherlands Ansel
David Germany David
Emily Hungary Emily
John 'Janine' USA John "Jannine"
John G UK John G
Lindsay UK Lindsay
Marcel Germany Marcel
Michael UK Michael
Pascal Germany Pascal
Richard Netherlands Richard
Timo Germany Timo
Øivind Norway Øivind
John and Lindsay UK John and Lindsay
Sue UK Sue


How we use evidence determines our narrative, just as the experts we consult act as gate-keepers for the truths we protect. It is clear that ideology can distort opportunities for human freedom, and this is also the case in our understanding of human sexuality. If we label behaviours, as identities and categories of human existence, thereby claiming people are born gay, the danger is that we predispose any individual, whether adult or child, to an identity and destiny over which there is no choice. “You can’t change it, because this is the way you were born”. But it is clear in historical perspective as Voices of the Silenced shows, that ideologies change, just as societies change and what our cultures teach us may well not be the best way for us to live our lives.

Why is it that the voices of this group are being silenced in modern democracies?

Bence Hungary Bence
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali UK Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
Bjørn Helge Norway Bjørn Helge Sandvei
Bible Scholar, Greek Language
Christopher Doyle (Therapist) USA Christopher Doyle
David Pickup (Therapist) USA David Pickup
Dermot O'Callaghan UK Dermot O'Callaghan
Management Consultant
Dr Christl VonHoldt (Medicine) Germany Dr med. Christl R. Vonholdt
Director, DIJG
Dr Christopher Rosik (Researcher, Therapist) USA Dr Christopher Rosik
Researcher, Therapist
Dr Joseph Nicolosi (Psychologist) USA Dr Joseph Nicolosi
Dr Peter May (Medicine, Author) UK Dr Peter May
Medicine, Author
Dr Stephen Baskerville (USA) USA Dr Stephen Baskerville
Professor of Government, Patrick Henry College
Ilona Ékes (NGO, Hungary) Hungary Ilona É́kes
Director, NGO
Jens Fredrik Brenne (Chaplain) Norway Jens Fredrik Brenne
Chaplain, Counsellor
Markus Hoffman (Therapist) Germany Markus Hoffman
Director, Counsellor
Matthew Brennan (Pastor) Irish Republic Matthew Brennan
Paul Diamond (Barrister) UK Paul Diamond
Stefan Schmidt Germany Stefan Schmidt
Carolyn Pela USA Prof. Carolyn Pela

The Issue: Silencing and Sources

Knowledge-building that appears not to reflect the facts...

Historical dogma and a possible de-christianising of history

Ancient historians claimed, and modern historians and archaeologists accepted uncritically, the view that there were no Christians in the towns destroyed by the Vesuvius eruption in AD 79.

New evidence (Longenecker, 2016) shows that this clearly was not the case. We revisit the ancient artefacts to assess whether or not the Gospel had reached Pompeii:

The Herculaneum cross
is this an impression from a displaced shelf, or a Christian Cross?

Ostia Antica
The Bakery cross
at the Arriana Polliana, Pompeii. Is this a first century Christian Cross – an apotropaic symbol – designed to ward off evil – or a double edged axe?

The Rotas Square
Two were found in Pompeii. What is the meaning of this ancient palindrome?

Many believe the Rotas Square forms the word “Paternoster’ ("Our Father” with Alpha and Omega symbols)

The Street Crosses in Pompeii
what is the meaning of these ancient marks on Pompeian roads in some areas of the city, and how do they relate to other Christian symbols?

The ‘Christianos’ Inscription
is this in fact the earliest known example of the use of the word ‘Christiano(s)’?

Vivit cross
The 'Vivit' Cross
This might be interpreted: "He lives"

Sodom and gomorroah inscription
The 'Sodom and Gomorrah' Inscription
This may have been inscribed before the eruption

Poinium Cherem inscription
The 'Poinium Cherem’ inscription
This could be interpreted to mean “utter destruction” (The pentagrams have been wrongly thought to be Stars of David)

Mental Health Policy: the misuse of science

Alliance Board MembersOne modern myth that depends on dissenting voices being silenced is the idea that people are ‘born gay’. The scientific community knows that this is not actually the case. The American Psychological Association says that many scientists think that ‘nature and nurture both play complex roles in shaping sexuality.’ The Royal College of Psychiatrists previously claimed that the cause of homosexuality was ‘biological’ – the way one is born. But now they acknowledge that ‘postnatal’ environmental factors influence sexuality. They also now acknowledge that sexuality is fluid – it can change. So the ‘born gay’ idea is now dead, but its ghost, like that of an ancient slave master, still persuades most people in the Western world today to assume it as a given, and to use it as a driver of mental health and social policies.

We’ll listen to the arguments and concerns of those who don’t follow this dogma and refuse to be silenced.


Making the Movie

‘Voices of the Silenced”, a project of Core Issues Trust, has been in production since June 2015. The documentary is a non-commercial, private venture and made as an investment towards preserving and promoting teachings on sexual ethics uniquely entrusted to the church of Christ by its ancient forebears, the faithful Jewish people.

Making the Movie

Re-tracing the coming of the Gospel to Europe, filming has taken place extensively in Campania in Italy at the ancient sites destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 AD, only 9 years after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem at the command of Titus when Vespasian was Emperor. Contemporary research is considered, challenging Tertullian’s claim that there were no Jesus-devotees in these towns at that time. Enduring memorials in the Roman Forum to this period of history and of course the Jewish contribution to the building of the Colosseum is highlighted when filming in the City of Rome.


Ostia Antica
Ostia Antica





The film crew also visited Poland, the USA, Germany, Ireland and England engaging with voices and contributors from 9 different nationalities: each with a similar message – sexual identity is a personal, private matter and the rights of individuals to leave unwanted homosexual practices are sacrosanct: despite any political demand or restrictive measures imposed by society.

Luther and Reformation Memorial, Germany
Luther and Reformation Memorial, Germany

Rashi Shul, Germany 11th Century Synagogue, Germany
Rashi Shul, 11th Century Synagogue, Germany

College Green, Westminster London
College Green, Westminster London

Corrie ten Boom House, Haarlem, Netherlands
Corrie ten Boom House, Haarlem, The Netherlands

Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland

Alliance Conference, Texas
Alliance Conference, Texas

The challenges have been, and will be, enormous.


Fred Williams, Creative Director

Fred Williams, Creative Director

Fred Williams is an independent film maker from the UK, where he lives with his family. His Nigerian connections mean that he has experienced first-hand the effects of radical Islam, a subject on which he has written for a range of newspapers and online articles. He has worked closely for several years with Christian Concern, a UK advocacy group concerned to reflect Christian values in the public space.

Fred has extensive experience in film-making and news reporting. In addition to music video production for both commercial and Christian promotion, he has produced several documentary-type pieces. For the past few years he has produced regular television programmes across Africa and the UK like RIOT Reloaded and Christian Weekly News, offering contemporary insight and commentary on national and international events in the UK region.

In his role as a human rights advocate Fred is co-founder and director of LOVEBACK, a charity promoting justice and peace in which he uses creative arts including drama to promote tolerance, respect, forgiveness and justice.

As Creative Director in the current production of Voices of the Silenced, and in addition to camera and sound work alongside second cameraman Peter Wooding, Fred also handled the post-production at Icontowers Studio in Essex, along with a graphic artist.

Mike Davidson, Producer and Director

Mike Davidson, Producer and Director

Voices of the Silenced was produced by Mike Davidson, PhD. Dr Davidson is CEO of Core Issues Trust in the United Kingdom.

Previously he worked in professional development in three UK universities, and one in South Africa. His doctoral studies are in education, and his undergraduate degrees were in theology, ancient history and Biblical Studies. He also completed studies for the pastoral ministry, and continues to assist those seeking support and help, whether from faith-, no-faith or other faith backgrounds.

He works for the rights and freedoms of those wishing to leave homosexual practices and feelings. In 2014 he was removed from the British Psychodrama Association’s register, at the instruction of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, having expressed the view on a BBC programme that autonomous individuals have the right to receive professional help to support their choice to leave unwanted homosexual practices. No client complaint was ever made against him. He was told, “you may re-apply to continue training should you consistently cease to promulgate your current opinions.” He continues to support individuals now abandoned by the professions in the matter of unwanted sexual feelings and behaviours, in London and Belfast.

He works in close association with individuals in many countries.


The film makers will not supply contact details of participants in this documentary, beyond the links below.

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